A 10x10 Pasture plot.

All plots on the server are 10x10 blocks.

There are five different types of plots, and each has a specific function. They are:

  • Pasture Plots:
These plots will be where you keep your livestock. Two animals will spawn in pasture plots every 30 minutes of real time, and animals you breed in them yourself will not despawn. These can be placed next to defense plots for extra uses such as a stable for pigs.

  • Defense Plots
Defense plots are are important to have, and placing them in the right places is crucial to making maximum use of them. Blocks placed within defense plots are 10x stronger than a regular block, meaning they will take 10x longer to break. During times of peace when there are no wars or raids going on, defensive plots will slowly rebuild blocks. They will not respawn items that may have been in chests or Enderchests; nor will any diamond, emerald, gold, iron blocks, or ore blocks and other valuable blocks people might farm.

  • Farm Plots
Farming plots are the only plots where you can grow crops. This makes them very important to the survival of any town.

  • Merchant Plots
The Merchant Plots are the only places players can use chest shops.

  • The Throne Plot
The Throne room serves to give attackers a place to focus on during wars. When a House's Throne room is captured, that House is officially removed from the war. Throne rooms have a 15x health boost for blocks in the plot, and will slowly heal during times of peace.